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Willie J Laws Band


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The Last Prophet Of The Funky Texas BluesWillie J Laws Band

The Willie J Laws Band is one of the most notable Blues acts with a modern funky style that’s uniquely its own. The band’s sound includes deep Texas roots music, add some funk, and jazz influenced bass patterns, and the influence of various Afro-Caribbean drum beats, a genre-bending sound tempered with a groove from Motown, Memphis, Muscle Shoals, the Gulf Coast of Texas, and New Orleans. This isn't strictly Blues, much of it is original music with it's own sound and tempo. You will enter the Willie J Laws Band musical train, cover a varied terrain with its assorted musical sounds. It's an exciting, fast moving train, and you will most definitely enjoy the ride! Come hear the “The Last Prophet of the Funky Texas Blues.”

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Live Shows


After The Flood
Love Letters
A documentary about Willie J Laws
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